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Golf Sets for Beginners

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Junior Golf Sets
Following an appraisal of the equipment currently available for the junior golfer, Falcon Golf has falcon hawk created a most innovative concept. The Falcon Hawk junior series incorporates the most radical advances in club technology & design.

The huge TI head is possibly the largest of any junior Fairway Wood providing a large & forgiving sweet-spot to promote accuracy & distance. TI oversized cavity backed irons all graphite shafted & mallet putter along with a double strap stand bag, wood & putter covers complete this exiting package.

The Falcon Hawk junior series is the ultimate choice for the junior golfer.

Ladies Golf Starter Sets
Proof from Falcon Golf that high quality golf clubs are available to players of all levels - the launch lady 380 Titanium Series of the LADIES 380 Titanium Series, a superb choice for beginners through to experienced players. With features and performance usually only seen in much higher-priced brands, the Falcon 380 range of golf clubs are available in men's or ladies as a 17-piece set with choice of steel or graphite shafts standard length or 1" longer. A complete package:1/3/5 woods, nine cavity backed oversize head irons, a heel and toe balanced putter with polymer insert face and accessories.

Falcon 380 Titanium Series golf clubs.

Mens Golf Starter Sets
The high-performance Falcon 450 Tour Series features oversize head 1/3/5 woods and nine dual cavity Falcon 450 Tour Series stainless steel irons with lightweight Tech-Force high modulas graphite shafts with precision internal weighting systems. The larger heads are a breakthrough in design, providing one of the biggest 'sweet-spots' currently produced by any leading golf equipment manufacturer and producing a more error-tolerant and ultimately more accurate club. The Falcon 450 Tour range also features the all new dual balance soft face tour accuracy putter and accessories that include a double strap stand bag, wood and putter covers.

Falcon 450 Tour Series golf clubs.

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