Everything you need to know about the history of Kays

Kays Catalogue History

  • Historical event 1895 Kays and Company founded by Kilbourne Kay
  • 1900 Universal Stores founded by Abraham Rose
  • 1927 Universal Stores shares floated on stock market
  • 1936 Marshall Ward catalogue acquired
  • 1937 Kays catalogue acquired by GUS
  • 1971 Opening of Universal House, Ardwick, Manchester - head office for Kays catalogue
  • 1972 A.S. Henry (including John Noble) acquired
  • 1982 Vedia SA (Switzerland) acquired
  • 1982 Kays trading Name changed to The Great Universal Stores plc
  • 1990 Joint venture with TNT Transport makes White Arrow Uk's biggest parcel delivery system
  • 1994 Introduction of Shopper's Universe internet site

Kays Catalogue History... Continued

  • 1996 Experian Information Solutions acquired
  • 1997 Innovations, McCord, Stocking Fillas, Home Free, Brainwaves and Gift Box acquired
  • 1998 Argos plc acquired 1999 Metromail (USA) acquired
  • 2000 Argos Retail Group founded
  • 2000 acquired
  • 2000 acquired
  • 2001 Name changed to GUS plc
  • 2001 Launch of new brand, abound
  • 2002 GUS Home Shopping move to the Arndale Centre, Manchester new head office for Kays
  • 2002 GUS Home Shopping changes its name to ARG Equation
  • 2003 Business sold by GUS plc to March UK Ltd
  • 2003 ARG Equation changes its name to Shop Direct Group Limited
  • 2004 Shop Direct including Kays catalogue to March UK Ltd approved by UK Government following referral of shops direct catalogues to the Competition Commission

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