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High quality hotels, elegant surroundings and attentive service are the hallmarks of a Platinum holiday from Thomson Holidays. Perfect for the discerning couple or family, every holiday is based in a desirable 4T or 5T hotel which is exclusive to Thomson in the UK. Together with a range of unique travel benefits that make your journey more relaxing, it gives you the chance to have a superior holiday at a surprisingly affordable price. Relax. It's time to enjoy the perfect holiday.

Welcome to Platinum Holidays from Thomson - Elegant hotels, enviable service and a wide range of destinations combine to bring you finesse at an affordable price.

Elegant hotels - Across the Mediterranean, leading international hotel chains like Grecotel, Riu and Princess set the standard for style, memorable holidays. Exclusive in the UK, they feature prime locations, luxurious gardens, attractive pool areas and 4T or 5T accommodation. Air-conditioned bedrooms with hairdryers and TVs let you sleep in comfort, whilst a Thomson Platinum service lounge in every hotel ensures you get the most out of your holiday. Yet even with all this, they remain surprisingly affordable. So look no further than Thomson Platinum for a relaxing holiday to remember.

Enviable service - Thomson Platinum holidays are about more than just accommodation. They are about service too. Attentive and discreet service at your hotel, and professional service at every step. You'll enjoy the comforts of airport VIP lounges and executive check-in facilities at discounted rates. And if you travel to the Canaries, Greek Islands or Costa del Sol on a flight operated by Britannia Airways you'll experience free airport check-in at your hotel for a luggage-free last day.

A wide range of destinations - Think Crete or Kos, Lanzarote or Rhodes, Cyprus or Tunisia we can take you there in style. Most destinations feature a number of hotels to choose from, and all destinations feature the added comfort and refinement at a very welcome price. Offering you more choice than ever before.

Quality hotels in exclusive settings - It's the stylish, international hotels with unrivalled service and comfort that makes Thomson Platinum so special.

Quality hotels in exclusive settings - Every single holiday offers luxurious Thomson Holidays accommodation in a 4T or 5T hotel in a fine selection of resorts. While they all belong to leading hotel chains renowned for their international appeal. Quite simply, you won't find delightful hotels like this anywhere else - especially at such favourable prices.

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