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Catalogue shopping has become prevalent in the UK over the last few decades. Ordering was traditionally done via phone or post, taking the stress out of shopping in town and having to carry shopping bags home.

More recently the world wide web has taken remote shopping into the 21st century with its ease of use and constantly updated product offers. Nearly all of the traditional offline catalogues companies have now made the transition to this alternative catalogue shopping market.

This includes some of the origininal large catalogue companies such as:

Why Is It Popular
To Shop With Catalogues Online?

Online shopping is popular because modern lifestyles are busy and there is often little time to visit shops. There are big benefits from being able to shop from the comfort of home. For example delivery charges from online catalogues are often cheaper than car park charges when visiting a town centre. Most catalogues offer a free returns service saving money on the return journey into town with unwanted items.

The use of catalogue shopping is also continually boosted by the ever increasing number of people who work from home. New catalogue companies such as Boden are developing distinctive clothing targeted specifically at professionals that are happy to shop from home.

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What Are The Benefits Of Catalogue Shopping
From Home Via The Web?

The major benefits of shopping via an Online Catalogue are:

  • There is a wide range of goods in one place with the ability to purchase products by credit card, debit card or by charging to a catalogue credit account;
  • Online shopping now provides much safer way to pay for your goods with delivery direct to your door;
  • Catalogue websites also provide an easy method to return unwanted items. Companies such as K and Co (formerly Great universal) offer free returns;
  • Online shopping can often provide cheaper prices than the high street with flash sales and online only offers.

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