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Since Harrods department store first opened its doors in 1849, Harrods has always prided itself on a reputation for class, nothing is too much trouble for Harrods customers

Harrods has always found the finest-quality merchandise, this is just a small part of Harrods history. Harrods department store more than a shopping location, its more than a great building. Harrods history is aided by the people that have passed through its doors, those that have written about it and the fact that Harrods is now intrenched as part of Britains culture.

Where did Harrods story start

Harrods started in 1834 in London's East End, the founder of Harrods, Charles Henry Harrod, set up as a grocer in Stepney

To capitalise on the business created by the Great Exhibition of 1851, Harrods firstly became a small shop in Knightsbridge on the site of the current Harrods department store.

Harrods soon became a thriving store that sold medicines, perfumes, stationery, fruit and vegetables, Harrods then expanded into the adjacent buildings was employing 100 staff by 1880.

When did Harrods become a public company

The Harrods family decided not to continue in retail and in 1889 the Harrods store became a public company.

From this point on the Harrods department store has gone from strength to strength building the reputation as the best department store, not only in the UK but worldwide

How did Harrods get the motto "Everything for Everybody Everywhere"

Harrods famous motto 'Everything for Everybody Everywhere' has lived up to its meaning. Famously Harrods sold NoŽl Coward an alligator for Christmas from Harrods Pet Shop, also Ronald Reagan was a recipient of a baby elephant named Gertie.

A.A. Milne found the original Winnie-the-Pooh for his son Christopher Robin at Harrods, Alfred Hitchcock had fresh herrings flown to him in Hollywood. In the 1900s, Harrods made yachts to order and ran its own funeral service, Harrods have sold aeroplanes and built houses.

What about the Harrods web site

Harrods have always moved with the times and now is no exception, the Harrods online catalogue site provides a worldwide audience for people wishing to experience the Harrods shopping experience

Harrods online store offers; ladies fashion, beauty and fashion, mens essentials, children and toys. Harrods also offers; home and leisure items plus superb food, wine, and of course Harrods hampers


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