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Welcome to the Lingerie Buying Guide for Men

We would love to help guide you now that you have chosen lingerie as a gift for that special person in your life. The feel of luxurious lingerie adds to your sensual pleasure and we are here to help you find just the right item for her (and you)! Please take a quick look at our Helpful Hints below.

Know Her Sizes

  • If you aren't sure, ask her. You don't need to tell her what it is for, just let her know it's a surprise and that she is going to love it. Leave her intrigued - tease her!
  • Ask her mother or a close friend who can snoop without arousing suspicion - they'll enjoy keeping the secret.
  • Investigate - its rather fun - there is a little detective in all of us! Peek in the wardrobe and through her lingerie drawer. Find her most comfortable everyday bra(s) and look in the back for the size. What colors does she prefer, pastels, rich fashion colors or sleek black?
  • Has she recently given birth? Allow more room!

Remember Who is Going to Wear It

  • Size and comfort will be important factors if you want her to wear it again and again! Use care when choosing something quite revealing. Tasteful coverage will leave something to the imagination. Remember most women are conscious of their bodies.

You may also check our Lingery Glossary below: or go shopping now

Glossary of Lingerie and Underwear

    lingerie Body stocking
  • Body Stockings - A one-piece form-fitting garment that “covers” from the shoulders to the toes for all under luxury. It can be worn with a skirt or slacks as well as in the bedroom all by itself.

  • underwear bustier
  • Bustier - A bra that extends to the waist. It often has detachable garters and sometimes has no shoulder straps. Its purpose is to provide bust support (sexy) and shape to the waist (sexy). Sizes are based on the women's bra size.

  • camisole
  • Camisole - A dainty garment that covers the area from the bust to the hip/waist Area. It can be worn under see-through blouses or in place of a blouse. A camisole is a great gift since there is no sizing difficulty associated with it since it can be worn in many different ways (tight, loose etc.)

  • Chemise
  • Chemise - A gown used as night/bed wear. It extends down to a woman's thigh in length. Matching panties are common with a chemise. It makes a great gift.

  • Corset Corset – A close fitting, boned supporting undergarment often hooked for closure and laced to fit close. It extends from above or below the bust to the hips and may have garters attached. Its purpose is to provide shape to the waist (sexy). Sizes are based on the women's bra size.

  • Suspender belt Suspender Belt - A garment worn about the waist or hip area with garters to hold up stockings.

  • Negliegee Negligee - A light sheer robe.

  • Teddy Teddy - A one-piece item that combines a camisole and panties.

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