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Empire Stores is now call K and Co -
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Empire Stores catalogue includes clothing for women, men and children, electical, household items, kitchen appliances, furniture, furnishings, jewellery toys and gifts with great online deals.

Empire Stores is a long establised major UK mail order catalogue and is part of the Redcats Group, the world's third leading Home Shopping Company with sales and manufacturing operations across 3 continents.

Empire has a Shop n Save reward scheme, the more you buy the more rewards you get, go on treat yourself!

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    See K&Co website for available first order discounts and BNPL terms.

Fast Shop at Empire Stores - (if you have already chosen products from their catalogue)

  • Make sure you have the item reference number (e.g. ab4356) for products you wish to order

  • Simply key the item number into the Fast shop box provided at the top right hand side of your screen.

  • Click "Go".

  • Choose the option (e.g. colour) you want and click the "add to shopping bag" button.

  • The item will now be in your shopping bag - the display near the top middle of the screen will show you what's in your shopping bag at any time.

  • When you have finished adding products simply click "checkout" and follow the on screen guide.

Empire Stores catalogue

Customer feedback

The catalogue includes: clothing for women, men and children, electical, household items, kitchen appliances, furniture, furnishings, jewellery toys and gifts.

Clothing and footwear. The quality and range is much improved, remember the standard club comedians joke "You look nice Mrs, did you get it from the catalogue", well this no longer applies as designer brands are offered alongside their own brand items. I find that the schoolwear is not a bad price and as children grow so quickly they tend to grow out of them before they wear out.

The lingerie is one of my favourites as I would rather try on bras at home than in a communal changing room, I also have it on good authority that this section is popular with adolescent boys, for reasons which I will not go into.

Soft furnishings, towels and bed linen, good choice and some decent budget ranges.

Household appliances, electrical and toys. I find that these are often much more expensive than on the high street, but if you take the free delivery, and up to 52 weeks free credit into consideration, the prices don't look quite so bad.

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