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Brighthouse Catalogue - good option for customer looking for a catalogues for bad credit

What Is The
Brighthouse Catalogue?

BrightHouse is the UK's leading rent-to-own retailer. It's online catalogue provides top brand household goods on low weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments along with quick & simple credit. To support the online catalogue, Brighthouse also has 300 stores across the UK serving over 270,000 customers.

What Do
Brighthouse Offer?

The Brighthouse catalogue offers the opportunity to purchase quality household products with an affordable installment plan.

  • Pay weekly
  • Price match promise
  • Quick & simple credit application

What Products Are In
The Brighthouse Catalogue?

The BrightHouse catalogue contains a range of top brand technology, from Smart 3D LED TVs and laptops, to the latest washing machines, as well as stylish sofas and bedroom furniture. Most products can usually be delivered and installed within 7 days.

How Do I Shop From
The Brighthouse Catalogue?

It's easy! There are three simple steps to shopping with Brighthouse.

  • Step 1 - Apply Online, it takes less than 5 minutes!
  • Step 2 - Visit the store and select the product you want
  • Step 3 - Wait up to 7 days for the delivery.

What If I Have A Bad
Credit History?

There are lots of reasons for wanting to buy on credit. Household bills are getting bigger and bigger, the increased cost of heating and lighting your house is eating into what a lot of households would have spent on shopping. The Brighthouse Catalogue might be a credit option for you even if you have a bad credit history.

If you have applied for credit and been turned down, you are not alone. In most cases you will have been refused credit after a 3rd party company has performed a credit check.

This is an assessment conducted on behalf of the store or bank to assess your credit history. The credit agency checks on many aspects including whether you have had credit in the past and if so, that you made any required repayments on time.

If your credit history is not glowing and you may have been denied credit in the past, all is not lost. You may be approved by a different lender, maybe at a higher interest rate for a lower amount of credit.

However it's tough to get back in the good books and if you're in this situation then Brighthouse might be the answer. This is because they will firstly assess what you can afford in repayments before you select the product to buy.

Brighthouse online catalogue makes credit more accessible, and unlike most banks and other high street lenders, they don't offer credit solely based on your past history. They are interested in your ability to pay now and in the future they let you spread the cost of products by paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

So if you are struggling to get credit, give Brighthouse a go you might get a pleasant surprise. And with the price promise you know you're going to get a good deal.

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