Littlewoods Catalogue: Home of the Big Brands
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Littlewoods Catalogue: Home of the Big Brands

Millionaire John Moore had already made his money with the Littlewoods Pools business when he began feeling restless. He started looking around for a new business idea to keep himself entertained and decided to start up a mail order company in 1932.

“Let’s see if I can make another million from nothing!” he famously told his brother during a game of golf. It turned out he could.

From its humble beginnings in an office above a shop in the East End of London, the Littlewoods catalogue business grew exponentially when housewives realized they no longer had to traipse around dozens of shops to find what they needed.

The British company did its bit for the war effort too - Littlewoods employees made shells, parachutes, and even rubber dinghies for the troops.

From the 1950s to the 1990s, the Littlewoods catalogue became a byword for quality products, which could be purchased for reasonable prices in the comfort of the shopper’s own home. But by the 2000s, home shopping no longer meant hefty paper catalogues and phoning in orders. The Internet made an already easy system even easier for customer and the classic Littlewoods catalogue went online.

Today, the Littlewoods catalogue is proud of its reputation as the “home of the big brands”. Customers benefit from the company’s proud heritage and business acumen in the huge choice of high quality brands and products.

Whether shoppers need electrical devices, furniture, gifts, jewelry, home or garden products, children’s clothes, toys, or top fashions for women or men, they will find all this and more in the Littlewoods catalogue. From fashionable women’s clothes by Firehouse, Regatta and Clockhouse, to household products by Russell Hobbs and Breville, to jewelry by Oasis, shoppers can trust Littlewoods to deliver.

Without ever having to leave their homes, customers can search the catalogue and simply click on various items to compare brands and products. From there, it’s just a matter of placing their orders and a short wait until their goods are delivered right to their front doors.

After all this time, there is no doubt; for discerning, savvy shoppers, the classic Littlewoods catalogue is still all they need.

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